Winter Appeal

Help them to survive the harsh winter


As the winter sets in it becomes crucial to make sure that those animals that are living on the streets receive adequate food and makeshift shelter to survive in the harsh conditions of Ukrainian winter.

A hungry dog or cat will freeze to death. Many will not survive the winter.

In extreme conditions animals will attack each other and kill the weaker ones in the pack. Cats are hunted by the dogs and dogs hunt smaller or weaker dogs. A lot of the animals are abandoned pets, dumped by their owners when they evacuated. They do not stand much chance of surviving of they have to fend for themselves.

This is why it is paramount to support the network of volunteers that feed the street animals on a daily basis or leave food out in feeders.

It costs:

  • 10 GBP per month to feed a street cat

  • 20 GBP per month to feed a medium-sized street dog

Small change saves lives!
Please donate to our winter appeal!